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Prohibited Artworks Policy

Prohibited Artworks Policy

ARTOVERT is not a curated marketplace. However, we prohibit certain types of art from the ARTOVERT marketplace. This policy outlines what is prohibited or restricted on ARTOVERT.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By opening an ARTOVERT gallery, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

The following types of art are prohibited or restricted on ARTOVERT:

1. Artwork that includes Animal Products and Human Remains

2. Artwork that includes Dangerous items: Hazardous Materials and Weapons

3. Artwork that Promotes, Supports or Glorifies Hatred

4. Artwork Promoting Illegal Activity

5. Artwork that is Pornographic or of Mature Content

6. Artwork that Promotes, Supports or Glorifies Violence

Whilst embracing freedom of creative expression, we think carefully before deciding what art is best for inclusion within our artistic community and reserve the right to decline any artwork from any artist or to delete artwork that we feel is not in the spirit of the ARTOVERT marketplace.

A note about Pornography and Mature Content

As a creative community, we are fairly liberal about what we will allow on ARTOVERT, but we do not permit pornography to be included on the website. Beyond that, we restrict mature content so that people who are offended by this kind of material don't have to see it.

Pornography of any sort is prohibited on ARTOVERT, whereas mature content is restricted. Although pornography can be difficult to define, an artwork generally qualifies as pornography when it is a particularly extreme or explicit version of mature content.

We define mature content as depictions of male or female genitalia, sexual activity or content, profane language and violent images.

Please note - mature content must be properly listed and tagged as such – failure to do so may result in you being removed from the community. If you find yourself questioning whether your artwork is mature, then we advise you to assume that it is mature content, and label it as such.

When deciding whether mature content crosses over into pornography, we take into consideration how realistically a mature image or images are portrayed, and the explicitness of depictions of sexual activity or content.