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Emily Alice Garnham

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Degree: BA Hons Fine Art Painting University: Brighton Graduation Year: 2017

Emily Alice Garnham

Degree: BA Hons Fine Art Painting
University: Brighton
Graduation Year: 2017

More About Me

The primary sources for these paintings come from my own photographs of urban cityscapes. Although initially motivated by these photographs, the compositions are then expanded upon from my imagination. My intention is not to recreate an accurate cityscape, but to allow my imagination to create its own original utopian scape.

Oil lends itself to these images as it can create a hazy and dreamlike effect, emphasising the imaginary concept behind my work.

Monochrome is the foundation of these paintings, with the addition of coloured tints to contemporise them. The work aims to capture the feeling of claustrophobia and inferiority that can be imposed upon us, by what is sometimes an overwhelming and suffocating urban environment. With the passage of time and people, these industrial environments decay and deteriorate. These paintings turn a once decayed and derelict building into a reformed representation of an imaginary utopia, free from human interference and destruction. It is, in effect, a restored urban scape that shows a utopian harmony between concrete and nature, where ultimately the two can co-exist. Consequently, the green hue in some of the work has been introduced to show the symbiotic interaction between nature and concrete.

Each painting is constructed shape by shape, distorting and erasing unnecessary detail to produce a more illusionistic and minimalistic image. Areas of paint and colour have been blocked out in order to create more space by illusion.

The boards enhance the industrial effect of the work.

Awards & Exhibitions

Stretch, Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton, June 2016

Final Degree show, Grand Parade Gallery, University of Brighton, June 2017


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