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Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo

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Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo

More About Me

Suthamma (Ta) Thimkaeo born in Thailand is an evocative artist, she lives in a beautiful part of Thailand with her house and studio overlooking the stunning gulf of Thailand. 

Ta, came from a very poor, rural farming family but she was very lucky and attended school until the age of 12 lots of kids had to leave earlier to start working. 

At 12 she worked in the rice fields, 13 worked in a sweat factory in Bangkok making shirts, 14 was driving a pick up truck 7 days a week 14 hours a day selling vegetables which she did until her early twenties.

While working in Bangkok she went for a walk she didn't get far, came across an old art studio with an old man painting she stood and watched him for ages, he invited her in, showed her what he was doing and showed her round his studio.

Ta knew she wanted to be like that old man and paint, she loved that old studio,  loved the chaos the smell of paint, it was fascinating and she was well and truly hooked. Ta didn't know how she was going to do it but knew one day she was going to be an artist, but, she remembers thinking, it would be easier to walk on the moon then me becoming an artist.

Later in life she had a  wonderful opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, that opportunity was art, Ta’s in it now and she’s not moving, it will continue to change her life for the better and she loves it.

Her Influences are from Lowry to Botticelli, her art explores many styles, from Modernism through Impressionism, Expressionism and Cubism.

Gaining international recognition for her original and striking artwork and thanks to the boundless possibilities of online galleries Ta has works held in private collections in  America, Australia, Europe, Monaco, Peru, Portugal, South Korea and Thailand.

Awards & Exhibitions

My first real exhibition was on Samui with a big cocktail party and lots of people all dressed up I had to make a speech and thank everyone, don’t forget I’m Thai and these were all Westerners, I’ve never done anything like it in my life before, my English is not bad but it’s far from perfect, but they were very kind to me.


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